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Follow along with This Magazine contributor Jenn Hardy's baby-to-be!

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Jenn Hardy

Jenn Hardy

If you’ve picked up the latest issue of This Magazine, you might have noticed Jenn Hardy’s article on Canada’s midwife shortage. (Jenn is a former This intern and now a Montreal-based freelance writer. She has written for us recently on sustainable agriculture, Montreal musician Vanessa Rodrigues, and investigated the environmental claims of the DivaCup.)

You might have noticed that we added a little note to Jenn’s story about the fact that she is, in fact, pregnant right now, and due to deliver in just about a month. She’s been chronicling the experience so far, plus her efforts to make hers a “natural” pregnancy to the greatest degree possible, from her eating choices to finding environmentally friendly baby products. You can follow her entire blog at, but she’ll also add a few thoughts here on the This blog over the coming weeks.

For now, we’ll simply point out a few of the notable posts from Mama Naturale, to get you started. Make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or directly through our RSS feed, so you’ll never miss new articles and blog posts. You can also follow @Mama_Naturale on Twitter for the latest.

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