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Hey, we (re)launched the new This Magazine podcast today!

Graham F. Scott

Listen_to_This_iTunes_logoWe experimented with a few one-off podcasts sometime last year, but with the dawn of a new decade, and armed with some New Year’s Resolutions to be as awesome as possible, This is launching a new podcast series today — cleverly titled “Listen to This,” geddit?

We’ll be posting new Q&As with some fascinating Canadian thinkers, talkers, and doers over the next few months (at least until summer), which will be available both in audio format, and transcribed versions posted here on the blog.

Head on over to, which is where it’s all happening. The series debuts with associate editor Nick Taylor-Vaisey, based in Ottawa, and his interview with Scott Gilmore, founder and executive director of the Peace Dividend Trust, a Canadian-based NGO that promotes local buying in post-conflict regions. They’re currently at work in Afghanistan, East Timor, and Haiti, and Gilmore has some interesting things to say about the strengths and weaknesses of traditional aid, and how he believes PDT can improve it.

The podcast isn’t yet available on iTunes, although we’re working on that and hope to be easily accessible in the iTunes story shortly; we’ll keep you posted here on the blog.

Your feedback is welcome any time, just email editor (at) this magazine (dot) ca, or leave a message in the comments section. Suggestions for future subjects are also great.

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