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Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Interview: Metis National Council president Clément Chartier

Graham F. Scott

Metis National Council president Clément Chartier Today we’ve got a new entry in the Verbatim series, the transcripts we provide of our Listen to This podcast. (Just a reminder that you can catch new, original interviews every other Monday—you can subscribe with any podcast listening program by grabbing the podcast rss feed, or easily subscribing […] More »

Listen to This #018: Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami leader Mary Simon

Graham F. Scott

In today’s episode of Listen to This, associate editor Nick Taylor-Vaisey brings us the second in his three part series of interviews with Canada’s top aboriginal leaders. In Podcast #017, Nick talked with Clément Chartier, president of the Metis National Council. Today, Nick talks — by a crackly phone connection — with Mary Simon, leader […] More »

Listen to This #017: Metis National Council president Clément Chartier

Graham F. Scott

In this edition of Listen to This, associate editor Nick Taylor-Vaisey brings us the first in a three part series we’ll be running throughout this fall, talking with the leaders of Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples about the current political environment and their relationship with the government. With a new Minister of Indian […] More »

Podcast preview: Listen to our interview with Duff Conacher on Monday

nick taylor-vaisey

You know something is afoot in Ottawa when the lobbyists are worried. When those brave souls who venture to Parliament Hill in search of handshakes and backslaps—and make a small fortune in the process—get their hackles up, something is surely out of order. This week, order was shaken off its moorings by Rahim Jaffer. Since […] More »

Interview with Peace Dividend Trust's Scott Gilmore

Graham F. Scott

[Editor’s note: today we launch “Verbatim,” which will be a regular feature where we provide a transcript of our new podcast series, Listen to This. We’ll put these up on the blog shortly after each podcast goes online.] In the first installation of our new, relaunched podcast series (Oh! And we’re now on iTunes!) Nick […] More »

Hey, we (re)launched the new This Magazine podcast today!

Graham F. Scott

We experimented with a few one-off podcasts sometime last year, but with the dawn of a new decade, and armed with some New Year’s Resolutions to be as awesome as possible, This is launching a new podcast series today — cleverly titled “Listen to This,” geddit? We’ll be posting new Q&As with some fascinating Canadian […] More »

Listen to This #003: Scott Gilmore of Peace Dividend Trust

Graham F. Scott

This is the first in our relaunched series of podcasts from This Magazine. Over the next few months (we’ll go at least to the beginning of summer and then likely take a break) we hope to introduce you to some of Canada’s most interesting thinkers, talkers, and doers in politics, art, and activism. I’ll be […] More »