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Weekend links: Posters from 68, dissecting a legendary magazine cover, talking to Moshe Safdie

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This edition of weekend links is an homage to everyone’s favourite decade: the 1960s (Blame the Boomers and their mythmaking machine)
The Hayward Gallery in London (that’s UK sadly, not Ont.) is showing this great exhibit of posters from the 1968 student movement in France. Further proof that revolutions, failed or not, need good graphics. Click on the red gallery tab for a bunch of posters.
While we’re on the topic of 1968, the New Yorker writes about a copyright fight over a board game by French theorist Guy Debord, one of the key figures in the 68 uprising.
The Post-car culture blog talks to architect Moshe Safdie (he of Habitat 67) about the rise of carsharing and the possibilities for a post-car city.
Finally, Design Observer magazine profiles George Lois designer of some of the most iconic covers of the 1960s. Like this one:

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