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Radioactive Shortstops, Goodbye Coke and more Typewriter Geekery

This Magazine Staff

It seems that everyone these days is carbon offsetting; paying a third party to neutralize the carbon emissions that a certain activity would create (ie. by planting trees).
The Cincinnati Reds just recently announced that they went carbon-neutral for their opening day game against the Chicago Cubs.
On the flip side are the Toronto Blue Jays who are carbon neutral but very very nuclear. We say rename them the Isotopes and be done with it!
The University of Guelph becomes the first university in Canada to boot out Coca Cola when their beverage contract expires later this year! The students criticized the company for its environmental abuses in India.
If you weren’t in Toronto to see the last Rheostatics show CBC Radio 3 is streaming the ENTIRE SHOW here.
Streetcars in Montreal, yes please.
Finally, excuse us while we geek out on typewriters.

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