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Weekend links: When animators go on strike, Houston goes green (sort of), We love books and trees!

This Magazine Staff

Boing Boing pointed us to this footage of a 1941 strike by Disney animators. Neat.
Houston has negotiated a contract to ensure that a third of that city’s power comes from wind! Yes, you read that right. Houston, Texas. Now if they could only cut down on that sprawl and all those suburbs we’d have ourselves a green mecca.
Where was this prof when I was at university? Ron Hammond, a professor at Utah Valley State College, is saying no to expensive textbooks. He’s culled together reading materials from journal articles and articles available online. He estimates it’ll save the average student $900 a year. With all of the great stuff online now this makes sense, almost too much sense.
Finally, it’s pretty clear that we love books. But we also really love trees and kind of feel guilty about all of the damage that our bibliophilia causes. Well a company called Eco-Libris wants to assuage some of our guilt. The company plants a tree for a minimal pledge, call it book-offsetting.

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