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Weekend links: Googlemaps as art, Bill Nye, a billboard I could like

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Sigh, repression in Burma continues. Burmese poet Saw Wai has been put under arrest for a love poem he recently wrote. Turns out he hid an anti-government message in his poem “February 14.” The Guardian has the scoop:

The eight-line poem in Burmese is about a man broken-hearted after falling for a fashion model, whom he thanks for having taught him the meaning of love. But if read vertically, the first word of each line forms the phrase: “Power crazy Senior General Than Shwe.”

OK. Sorry about the downer. Eco-blog Treehugger interviews science personality Bill Nye.
A group of artists have reimagined scenes from the Bible using googlemaps.
Finally, a billboard that I could like.

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