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Poor Mexican emos, news on a shirt, one angry author, what’s the Eiffel Tower wearing?

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Mexican emos are being targeted for attacks. We’re not talking about light-hearted jabs or mockery but full-on assault. There’s even a dark homophobic element underneath the whole thing. From the article:

Most of all, however, the assailants target the emos for dressing effeminately, still a provocative act for many in a macho Mexico. “At the core of this is the homophobic issue. The other arguments are just window dressing for that,” said Victor Mendoza, a youth worker in Mexico City. “This is not a battle between music styles at all. It is the conservative side of Mexican society fighting against something different.”

Author James Howard Kunstler, noted urbanist and environmentalist, has a blog that includes a podcast and other missives. This week’s podcast is apparently a doozy.
A couple of NYC design students are putting news on t-shirts.

The Shirt Project provides 5 diagrammatic tees [a year] detailing a story that’s making news – for example, one charts the correlation between the declining US dollar and sunspot activity, while another points to just how little of the sun’s energy we’re actually utilizing.

If sex sells should vegans and veganism use it to sell the lifestyle? Discuss…
The Eiffel Tower is getting a hat for its 120th anniversary, sadly it’s not a beret. Nonetheless, it is jaunty and tres chic.

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