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Oceans in rough shape, schools for social justice, the copyright battle over Harry Potter, looking back at Wired

This Magazine Staff

Scientists have released this map of the world’s oceans and it doesn’t look good.

Human activity has left a mark on nearly every square kilometer of sea, severely compromising ecosystems in more than 40% of waters.

The Nation has got this great article on how a few alternative schools in the U.S. are working at merging social justice and education.
The battle is raging over Harry Potter. Should fans and other writers be allowed to riff on the Potterverse? Lawyers from Lawrence Lessig’s Fair Use Project think so and argue that an iron-grip on creatity actually harms the arts.
Finally, Wired magazine turns 15, and this blogger takes a look back at the first issue. Ah, the halycon days before broadband and wireless.

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