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Happy Earth Day, what Stephen is reading and a salute to the student journalists of Virginia Tech

This Magazine Staff

fridaylinks.gifSome of us here at This think that everyday is Earth Day, the rest of us try to act a little more green around April 22nd. There are events all over the country, and if you can’t make it, there are tons of things you can do at home or at work.
Cities everywhere are in love with Richard Florida’s “Creative Class” friendly ideas. Vancouver is no exception. But with rising costs and gentrification is there anything Vancouver can do to actually be supportive of artists and other creative types? The city wants your input.
The greenest places in Canada are our small towns. First it was Leaf Rapids, Man.’s garbage bag ban. Now it’s Wolfville, N.S.’s support of fair trade and local agriculture. Way to go. Big cities are you taking notes?
Author Yann Martel decides to go all Oprah on Stephen Harper and send him a book to read that “has been known to expand stillness” every two weeks. His first title is Tolstoy’s Death of Ivan Ilych.
Finally, I was stunned to hear of the events at Virginia Tech. But as a former student journalist, I want to send a special salute to the writers, editors and photographers at Virginia Tech’s student paper, The Collegiate Times. Student journalists often get derided for being amateur, or irrelevant, in your case the very opposite is true. May the coming days be full of peace and happier memories.

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