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Long Weekend Links: Zero footprint calculator, more ads on TV and hopscotch

This Magazine Staff

Toronto’s Mayor David Miller was at the C40 Large Cities conference and unveiled a zero footprint calculator with Ron Dembo, CEO of zerofootprint. It will be live soon but you can try it out.
TV networks have been whining about decreasing ad revenues for a long time now. As more of us Tivo, download and tune out of television all together ad revenues will decrease. Well, the CRTC wants to help out Canada’s broadcasters by giving them the ability to set how much advertising shows up on tv. We kind of think the ads are a huge part of the reason why people are tuning out and showing more of them will undoubtedly endear these companies to their viewers.
The most adorable taxi initiative ever. Instead of putting ads on them schoolkids get to paint art on New York City’s cabs. This is going to be a one time thing for the centenary of cabs in NYC.
Why would anyone wash away a children’s hopscotch game? Apparently some overzealous Ottawa city staffers did and councillor Clive Doucet responded by encouraging citizen hopscotch brigades to chalk up the sidewalks.

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