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Death of the mall, why women’s magazine covers hurt your eyes

This Magazine Staff

The Economist has this piece about the decline of American shopping malls. Some of the problems: oversaturation, changing demographics (suburbs are getting poorer or becoming more diverse), online shopping.
Some culture jammers are lopping off the heads of plastic mascots and photos in ads. I’d like to think this is a culture jam, but it could just as easily be an add for Sweeney Todd!
Women’s Wear Daily has this article on what makes a blockbuster cover for a fashion mag (toilets are a big no-no, and always use that wind machine, and oh, yeah, photoshop). Wow… no wonder I blackout everyt ime I go near a magazine stand.
Michael Pollan (author of the Omnivore’s Dillema) gives his 12 commandments of good eating. Two more than Moses (and God). Who does he think he is. Plenty of food for thought *groan*
Finally, this essay salutes indexers. What? You didn’t think the index in that 3,000 page tome on the life of Tommy Douglas did itself, did you?

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