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Weekend links: Bikes can do anything, chopstick accessories, Mom, where do blog posts go?

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Environment Canada scientists have apparently been ‘muzzled’ by the Conservative government. Apparently, a couple of scientists have been saying things that caught managers and politicians by surprise.

t says all media queries must now be routed through the federal government, where “media relations will work with individual staff to decide how to best handle the call; this could include: Asking the program expert to respond with approved lines; having media relations respond; referring the call to the minister’s office; referring the call to another department,” the presentation says.

Google and Specialized came up with a contest that asked inventors to come up with their best pedal-powered machines. The results are pretty astounding. I’m a big fan of the water filtering bike.
We have real mixed feelings about this story. Remember Michael Vick, the footballer that got sent away for running a dog fighting operation and torturing some of the animals to death. A TV show will apparently be following the rehabilitation of some of the dogs. While we’re happy that Vick’s dogs might get a second chance at a nicer life, we’re also a bit disturbed that the whole thing is being turned into fodder for TV. Sigh.
A group of Chinese crafters and environmentalists want you to stop using those disposable chopsticks! To convince you, they’ll knit an ultra-adorable carrying case for your chopsticks. There’s no reason why a savvy DIYer couldn’t do this for other disposable utensils. Say no to plastic forks and knives?
Finally, for all of those kids who ask where do blog posts go once you hit publish, Wired has this infographic.

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