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Reimagining Rosie the Riveter, cellphones in Africa, Nike tries to go green

This Magazine Staff

Earlier this month the Library of Congress partnered up with photosharing site Flickr. They’ve put up thousands of images to be tagged by the online community. Boing Boing found this amazing image that could have very easily inspired the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster of the 1940s.
If you love archival photos be sure to check out the giant Flickr set.

PSFK looks at whether the $100 laptop will actually work in the third world. They point out that in many developing countries the cellphone, not the computer, is the de rigeur device.
Also, what happens to your cellphone after you’re done with it.
Designer Jeff Staple (real name Jeff Ng) is trying to drag Nike kicking and screaming into actually having some environmentally positive business practices. The end result is the Nike Considered project. Next, labour practices. Sooner or later they’ll actually make those sweatshops, you know, less sweatshopy.

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