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Shopping cart races, that’s a lot of home-grown terror, turning urine into fertilizer

This Magazine Staff

Every year a gaggle of Chicagoans run the Chiditarod, a shopping cart race around downtown Chicago geared at raising money and collecting goods for the food bank.
The ACLU reports that there are almost a million names on the U.S. terror watch list. That’s one terrorist for every 300 Americans. The group also points some of the SNAFUs on that list, people like Senator Ted Kennedy, a couple of other political representatives, prominent authors and anyone named Gary Smith.
A couple of designers show off a machine that turns urine into fertilizer. Untreated urine being dumped into oceans and other bodies of water is a huge cause of algae blooms that unfortunately kill marine life.
Finally, forget mangling that Bon Jovi song. Try PowerPoint Karaoke instead.

From the article:

“In the hands of the wrong person [PowerPoint] and any presentation software becomes a dangerous weapon, a means of torture and incredible torments,” says Holm Friebe, who invented PowerPoint Karaoke as part of the German artists’ group Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur.
But in a bar, with a beer, PowerPoint becomes more Monty Python, less “Catch-22.” Instead of being victimized by someone who insists on reading aloud Every Single Bullet Point in a grim death march to the final corporate-logo slide, you have a presenter who is just as lost as you are, if not more so. The playing field is leveled; the inmates are running the asylum.

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