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Friday Saturday Links: lifetime supplies, Spadina bus, public radio idol

This Magazine Staff

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s Friday links. Sometimes 24-hours in a day just aren’t enough. So without further ado.
We’ve always been curious what a lifetime supply of carrots looked like and thanks to a UK documentary we know. Nick Watts, a British documentary maker, compiled basic statistics and tried to represent them physically. We’re kinda worried about the girl in this photo. That carrot-jenga sculpture doesn’t look too stable.
If you lived in Toronto during the 1980s you might remember the Shuffle Demons’ song “Spadina Bus”. Well relive the saxophone goodness in all its glory. A perfect addition to that “commuting” playlist on your iPod.
fridaylinks.gifWe were intrigued when we read about taqwacore, or “Muslim punk.” Apparently the term was coined by novelist Michael Muhammad Knight in a book and somehow sprung to life. One taqwacore band are the Kominas from Boston (or Bostonstan). Say what you want about the music, you gotta have some affection for a band whose slogan is “Keeping it sunni side up since 2005”
Finally a reality show for A/V nerds. Public Radio Talent Quest! “Do you have what it takes to be public radio’s next great host? Do you have that most elusive of qualities – hostiness?” says their website. Oh they’re also giving away US$70,000. Sadly it’s only open to Americans. CBC are you taking notes….
Oh, finally, it’s Workers Memorial Day everyone. Have a great weekend.

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