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All hail Edward Tufte, can marketers be good?, idea stock exchange

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In the hands of Al Gore Powerpoint is a force for good but in the hands of thousands of middle-managers everywhere the ever-present Microsoft program is downright insipid and evil. Professor Edward Tufte would probably agree with me. Read this New York magazine article to find out more about the design guru.
Marketing guru Seth Godin asks do marketers have to be so evil? No, and they should be taken to task when they are.
We’ve heard of the marketplace of ideas but that’s a metaphor, right. Then someone goes out and makes this “stock exchange of visions.” What’s next a cornerstore of cogitation? mall of musings? Seriously though, there are some great thought exercises here. A number of thinker pose big questions like “what if humans disappeared from the planet?” and what will the global economy look like in 2050?

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