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Guerilla tree planting, mocking Ahmadinejad, inadvertantly funny headline and Goo goo ga joob

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Before we start this week’s links, a little note. George Murray, editor of Bookninja, a blog I love and check frequently, just wrote to say that some jerk hacked into his blog and did some serious damage.

Someone somehow got in to the site, created a new admin account and disabled all our anti-spam software, which allowed the site to be flooded with porn and casino spam….
I am looking for help. If any of you are, or know, a power user for php or WordPress and can help me get things sorted out, please email me here or at the [email protected] address.

We hope there’s a very hot place in hell for this malicious little hacker. One with a very slow internet connection and lots and lots of spam.
On to the links!
A group in the Netherlands has this how-to-guide to guerrilla tree planting. The group is trying to raise awareness of illegal logging.
The Onion spoofs the Friars’ Club tradition of roasting celebrities. In the Onion’s crosshairs is everyone’s favourite gay-bashing, holocaust denying world leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The joke is a bit prurient but this is a pretty funny headline.
Finally, U.S. environmentalists want to get the pacific walrus listed as an endangered animal. Like its friend the polar bear, the walrus’ habitat is also being threatened by rapidly declining polar ice.

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