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The Webbys, Spinal Tap and Saturday is going to be a great day!

This Magazine Staff

Ah, we remember when the Webbys were a little niche award, this year David Bowie is going to be at the gala in June. We want to draw your attention to two winners:
Greenpeace’s Green your apple site won a Webby for activism. Their site tries to take Apple to task for using toxic materials in its products and for generating so much e-waste. It looks like it worked.
We make money not art is one of the better contemporary art blogs out there. Site creator Regine skews towards the high-tech and the off-kilter so those looking for nice landscapes and still-lifes of fruit will be sorely disappointed.
In case you forgot…. Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
Faux band Spinal Tap are reuniting for Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts. We’re sure they’ll turn it up to 11. We also hope the midget stonehenge will be there.
Today would have been Jane Jacob’s 91st birthday. Here in Toronto, it’s officially Jane Jacob’s day. Tomorrow guides all over Toronto will be giving tours of various neighbourhoods. Not in Toronto? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t start one in your city. Every city has great neighbourhoods and hidden stories, isn’t time you discovered them?

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