WTF Wednesday: tobacco industry still targeting youth

If high-school kids are smoking, they’re likely to have used flavoured tobacco products like candy flavoured cigarillos, according to a coalition of health groups that released the findings of their Youth Smoking survey on Monday. More than 50 percent of those who smoked had used flavoured tobacco products, which have come under fire for their… More »

WTF Wednesday: Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente steps up to defend David Gilmour

By the time Friday rolled around last week there was a veritable anthology of jokes to which “David Gilmour” was the punch line. The paper-bag jowls and complacent half-smile of his face pasted on News Feeds and blogs like an advert for a public flogging. Everywhere that CanLit went, so too went the name David… More »

Friday FTW: Dalhousie University’s PUPPY ROOM OMG

My roommate has this hilarious—and, uh, brilliant—idea to rid the world of war and conflict: Put all of the world’s leaders in a room full of puppies, she says, and everybody will suddenly get along. Aptly dubbed Puppies For Peace, the program would, she argues, solve all of the world’s problems because, like, PUPPIES! World… More »

Photo Credit: Ian McCormick, Meat of the Matter

A new generation farmer weighs in on beef

Ian McCormick is one of the new generation of Canadian farmers.  Thanks to programs like FarmStart and CRAFT (Canadian Regional Alliance for Farmer Training), new farmers — young people and folks who often didn’t grow up farming — are trying their hand at small-scale production.  FarmStart helps develop a new generation of farmers by leasing… More »

This Magazine Presents: The Craft and Business of Writing Workshop

Writing is no easy gig. Anyone who’s ever put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) knows the list of roadblocks can seem endless—and even apocalyptic. Sometimes we have great ideas, but can’t write a single sentence. Other times, the writer’s block on ideas can seem Grand Canyon-sized. How do people find time to write,… More »

People march the street in protest of Bill 78. Photo by Francis Bourgouin

Talks are dead, but the protest lives on

Talks between the student unions and the Quebec government broke down again last Thursday. Indeed, as the strike stretches well past its 100th day, it seems no end is in sight. People from outside student union groups are now joining the cause in greater numbers than at any point during the strike—not so much in… More »

Students protest against tuition hikes in Quebec on April 14th.  Photo by Jean Gagnon.

Quebec student strike still looming

The student strike in Quebec does not look to be ending anytime soon. While a tentative agreement was struck on May 6, following a 22-hour negotiation between the students and the Quebec government, it will likely be annulled after the 150,000 students around the province vote this week. If the agreement is passed, it would… More »

Sarah Schmidt, "The Graduate," This Magazine, 1997.

Flashback Tuesday: “The Graduate”

In this week’s flashback, we take a look at Sarah Schmidt’s piece on the University of Toronto’s 1997 decision to award George Bush Sr. an honorary Degree. Schmidt rightly skewers the university for choosing to honour a man who played a decisive role in classic American misadventures such as the 1987 Iran-Contra scandal and whose… More »


VIDEO: Chris Hedges on why Occupy Harvard matters: “Harvard exists to feed the plutocracy”

Lia Grainger is a Canadian journalist. She is currently travelling across the United States interviewing activists from across the political spectrum. To follow her trip, visit We’ll be cross-posting some of her blog posts on the This blog as she travels. Lia has been in Boston since Saturday. She listened to journalist Chris Hedges address Occupy Harvard… More »

Catholic schools clash with LGBT rights — but "institution" isn't a synonym for faith

That Catholic schools do not always look positively upon homosexuality may not come as a great surprise, given their collective track record. But in the past week, two news stories have brought new and unique anti-gay measures taken at Catholic schools to light. First, officials at Missisauga’s St. Joseph’s Catholic  Secondary School allegedly restricted students’ use of… More »