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What Jagmeet Singh’s win means for the NDP—and its supporters of colour

He's the first visible minority to lead a federal party, and that holds great responsibility

Brittany Andrew-Amofah@BrittanyAmofah

This month, the NDP and Canada achieved a historical first. Jagmeet Singh, former Member of Provincial Parliament in the Ontario legislature was named the eighth leader of the federal NDP. The moment marked a dramatic shift for the party, which has struggled to connect with youth and racialized voters. But it also signifies new possibilities […] More »
March-April 2017

Should Canadians still pledge their allegiance to the Queen?

For some, the British monarch doesn’t represent their values—or the country they call home

Julienne Bay@juliennebay

Inside the Citizenship and Immigration Centre in Toronto, about 90 people from the various corners of the world chattered enthusiastically and clicked camera shutters. They knew that morning, June 20, 2016, was going to be a memorable one: they would start their new lives as Canadians. My spouse, Sid, was also there, flipping through his […] More »

OPINION: What Canadians can take away from three days of protest in Washington

Tannara Yelland reports from D.C. on protests surrounding the inauguration of President Donald Trump—and what Canadians should be worrying about

Tannara Yelland@tyelland

Women’s march in Washington. Last weekend, Washington, D.C. was the locus of celebrations marking the transfer of presidential power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump. The traditional ceremonies—from the swearing-in and the inaugural parade along Pennsylvania Avenue to the plethora of balls and galas—coincided with events such as the “Deploraball,” organized by members of the […] More »