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Does the music industry need a gender count?

Sue Carter Flinn

It probably comes as no surprise that an audience for a discussion about women and music would be filled with, well, women. Such was the case in mid-June when Melissa Auf der Maur led a thoughtful conversation at Toronto’s NXNE festival titled “Women in Music: More Than Ever Before.” Auf der Maur was joined by […] More »

NXNE: Octogenarian Hugh Oliver and the pursuit of fame

Sue Carter Flinn

Whenever I think about the pursuit of fame (the pre-Kardashian era), my mind automatically tracks back to reruns of the 1980s TV show Fame, and Debbie Allen warning Leroy et al about the price of pursuing your creative dreams. “Fame costs and right here’s where you start paying – in sweat,” Allen warns her students, […] More »

One Track Mind: This Hisses – Surf Noir – Gold On Fire

Natalie Zina Walschots

Grungy, seductive, and lusciously poisonous, Winnipeg’s This Hisses are a band I have been aching to see live for ages. They are often categorized as surf rock – as their album title Surf Noir alludes to – but there is more sepia than sunblock in their sound, as much cabaret as beach. Vocalist Julia Ryckman […] More »
September-October 2004

Hear This: off the beaten track

Lisa Whittington-Hill

The Hidden Cameras, Mississauga Goddam (Evil Evil) Seeing Toronto-based art-folk band The Hidden Cameras perform is a lot like having sex. You never forget your first time. The band’s shows include tighty-whitey clad go-go dancers, unconventional performance venues (churches, porn theatres) and a revolving roster of members whose numbers rival the Polyphonic Spree. And while […] More »