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November-December 2009

Review: Dr. Bonnie Henry’s Soap and Water & Common Sense

Andrea GrassiWebsite

As the world prepares for H1N1’s much-touted fall resurgence, Dr. Bonnie Henry’s approachable, non-technical guide to flu preparedness fails to deliver on its promise, offering neither protection nor peace of mind. Readers in search of preventative measures won’t find much insight beyond the obvious: wash your hands. True to her title, Dr. Henry, the director […] More »
November-December 2009

Progressive Detective: Am I socially obligated to get the flu shot?

Melissa WilsonWebsite

Dear Progressive Detective: I’m afraid of needles. Is it okay if I skip my flu shot? Sorry, but in the Progressive Detective’s opinion, belonephobia, the fear of needles, is no excuse for skipping this oh-so-important vaccination. The obvious reason for getting it is to avoid illness. While it’s easy to scoff at the flu, it’s […] More »

Body Politic #1: Health care of the rich and famous

lyndsie bourgon

[Editor’s note: today we introduce “Body Politic,” a new blog column about medicine and public health, written by Lyndsie Bourgon. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter. Body Politic will appear every other Thursday.] As the Calgary Flames hit the ice this weekend they appeared to show no great superpower, which is what I […] More »