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Giller Prize

September-October 2012

Not guilty

Grace O’Connell

Why we should never feel bad about what we read “I keep telling myself that this winter I’m going to re-read In Search of Lost Time. I can’t believe how long it’s been.” “Oh. Yeah. Um. Me too, it’s been … way too long since … that.” “But you have read Proust, right?” “Proust? Have […] More »
July-August 2011

Book review: Gillian Roberts’ Prizing Literature

Angelo MureddaWebsite@qwiggles

Literary prizes are often seen as either a barometer or an enforcer of national taste. Gillian Roberts’s Prizing Literature turns instead to how prizes like the Giller and Booker confer upon their Canadian recipients an unofficial certificate of citizenship. With clear prose and theoretical acumen, Roberts probes the vexed relationship between national culture and hospitality, […] More »

Friday FTW: In turning down Giller nom, Alice Munro is a class act

Graham F. Scott

Alice Munro, one of the giants of Canada’s literary scene, has always been a tremendously sensitive and humane writer; in turning down yet another nomination for the prestigious Giller Prize, she’s proven to be an equally sensitive and humane cultivator of Canadian writing talent. Having already won the Giller twice—for The Love of a Good […] More »