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September-October 2012

Not guilty

Grace O’Connell

Why we should never feel bad about what we read “I keep telling myself that this winter I’m going to re-read In Search of Lost Time. I can’t believe how long it’s been.” “Oh. Yeah. Um. Me too, it’s been … way too long since … that.” “But you have read Proust, right?” “Proust? Have […]

Cover-ups and controversy

By David P. Ball

What would justice look like for B.C.’s Missing Women Inquiry? Note: An earlier version of this story made reference to a photo of one man hogtying and holding knife to a woman’s throat.  Information has since revealed the identity of that man was not, in fact, Cpl. Jim Brown. This Magazine apologizes for any embarassment […]

From the future: An optimist’s view of music

Mason Wright

The tipping point for musicians—from crisis mode to full-blown emergency—came when the commercial radio format died its sudden, though not entirely unexpected, death in 2015. Even Top 40 artists lost their most reliable tool of exposure, practically overnight. Faced with a new music order void of hit singles, a diverse group of independent artists and […]