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EcoChamber #11: That 'green' product? Probably not so green.

emily hunter

It seems like everything has “gone green” these days. From retailers to celebrities, airlines to hotels, banks to even runway fashion, the environment is sexy in the marketplace for the first time. But is all the publicity really helping Mother Nature? When consumers are being “greeenwashed” in their attempt to fit into a petite size […] More »

Queerly Canadian #15: 10 days in Gay Disneyland

cate simpson

You’ve probably noticed by now, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or just standing endlessly in line to offload your garbage, that Pride is in full swing. I have to admit I find Toronto Pride kind of overwhelming. This is largely because I come from Scotland, where Pride is shared by two cities who […] More »

For those in need of some true, patriot love

laura kusisto

The furor over the new Conservative attack ads, which were released early last week, has thankfully started to die down. But their central jab — that Ignatieff has been out of the country for 34 years and is only back because he is a political opportunist — has continued to inspire a stream of Facebook […] More »

'Whopper Virgins' campaign leaves a bad taste

This Magazine Staff

This might be old news to some: Burger King’s “Whopper Virgins” ad campaign has been running for a while. Here’s the promo: I felt intuitively icky about the whole thing before but couldn’t quite define why. Luckily, blogger Evan Calder Williams has articulated that feeling very nicely already, so I’ll just let him take it […] More »