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September-October 2004

Why must the left apologize for its own propaganda?

John DegenWebsite

Why must the left apologize for its own propaganda?

Minority report: Comparing Lester B. Pearson and Jean Chrétien

Jenn HardyWebsite

Long before June’s federal election results were in, the outcome seemed inevitable: despite Paul Martin’s best attempts at dragging his heels in calling an election to try and garner more support among voters, he would convene Canada’s first minority government in 25 years. Clearly, it was not what Martin had hoped for. But for the […]

Welcome to the frontier of male disaffection

Andre Mayer

What’s a modern man to do in an age of rapidly changing expectations? The most beleaguered rebel by questioning themselves; others simply blame women. Welcome to the frontier of male disaffection

Layton’s last hurrah

Annette Bourdeau

The charismatic NDP leader fell far short of an unqualified electoral triumph. But as kingmaker to the minority Liberals, Jack Layton wields enormous power. And that could be the party’s salvation— or his personal downfall

Hear This: off the beaten track

Lisa Whittington-Hill

The Hidden Cameras, Mississauga Goddam (Evil Evil) Seeing Toronto-based art-folk band The Hidden Cameras perform is a lot like having sex. You never forget your first time. The band’s shows include tighty-whitey clad go-go dancers, unconventional performance venues (churches, porn theatres) and a revolving roster of members whose numbers rival the Polyphonic Spree. And while […]

Over the falls in a trash can

J. Nicole Guerin

As tourism grows in Ontario’s Niagara Region, with new hotels and casinos built each year, so does the amount of garbage. According to Walker Industries, which operates one of the region’s landfill sites, almost three-quarters of all garbage comes from commercial and industrial establishments. In 2002, residential waste weighed in at 110,000 tons, while industrial […]

Crossing the line

Bill Reynolds

Three years after September 11, has it finally become acceptable to make outrageous statements again? How patriotism stifled freedom of speech

Animal magnetism: Stuart Ross interviews Doug Melnyk

Stuart Ross

Interview with Doug Melnyk

Big bank theory

Nathaniel G. Moore

For those of us who struggle in the art of finance, Bank Of Victoria is here to make it all right. The cheeky brainchild of Montreal’s Victoria Stanton, the project got its start as a way of helping a friend in debt. “I hated seeing him suffer like that. Credit cards are killers,” says Stanton. […]

How to stop high-end magazines from using sweatshop labour

Art Johnson

How to stop high-end magazines from using sweatshop labour

Poetry: “To Do” by Elyse Friedman

Elyse Friedman

can’t seem to keep up with things all the day to day things that demand attention like laundry groceries phone bills cleaning the endless dirty dishes the nonstop dust and debris take out the recycling take the vitamins keep the teeth flossed and gray out of the hair shave the pits and legs and water […]