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September-October 2018


Poetry by Arielle Twist

Arielle Twist

I am reworking my reality.

 How does a tranny
   with lust,
      being told of an
   “unattainable” touch
even with the saliva of a man
   dripping off of my chest
  how he bites at
my soft parts
      and kissed me

I think this man
   could love me,
  fuck me
      outside of glory holes
      a bathroom stall
I think he could
bring glory
   to all the empty holes
      in me
but still I’m stalling.
   M a y b e
      I could love him too.
M a y b e
   j u s t,
      m a y b e

   My reality
is reworking me.

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Arielle Twist is a writer and sex educator from George Gordon First Nation, Saskatchewan, currently living in Halifax. She is a Cree, Two-Spirit, trans femme supernova writing to reclaim and harness ancestral magic and memories. Within her first year of pursuing writing she has been able to attend Naked Heart, the largest LGBTQ literary festival in the world, and has attended a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. She has work published/forthcoming with Them, Canadian Art, and PRISM international. Her debut collection of poetry Disintegrate/Dissociate is forthcoming spring 2019 with Arsenal Pulp Press.

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