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March-April 2018

REVIEW: Novel gives a voice to Japanese-Canadians in a post-war world

Inside Floating City by Kerri Sakamoto

Jemicah Colleen Marasigan

9780345809896Floating City 
By Kerri Sakamoto
Knopf Canada, $29.95

Floating City by Kerri Sakamoto—who was nominated for a Governor General’s Literary Award for The Electrical Field—gives a voice to Japanese-Canadians during post-WWII. Loosely inspired by Richard Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao’s plans for Project Toronto, Sakomoto takes readers on Frankie’s journey from the coasts of B.C. to the bustling streets of Toronto. Written in a whimsically poetic and almost magical tone, Floating City explores themes of hope, chasing dreams, struggle, and the need to belong. When the book ends, readers will feel nothing short of reflective upon reading the final chapter.

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