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September-October 2017

REVIEW: Collection of ghoulish short stories perfect for your Halloween night

Inside Coach House Books' The Doll's Alphabet

Marisa Iacobucci

9781552453582_cover1_rb_modalcoverThe Doll’s Alphabet
By Camilla Grudova
Coach House Books, $19.95

Pick up The Doll’s Alphabet, a spellbinding collection of short stories by Camilla Grudova, and prepare to have your day and night dreams forever and delightfully altered by Grudova’s uncertain universe. In it, meet exceptionally original, gorgeously dark, grotesque, and utterly fantastical characters conjured up by Grudova’s masterful storytelling and weird and wonderful ways of engaging with her obsessions. They include sewing machines, dolls, tinned foods, vintage items, dead people, societal oddities, transmogrified objects and people in dystopian worlds, and more. Now, if only David Lynch, Guillermo del Toro, Floria Sigismondi, or Tim Burton can get a copy of this book in their hands.

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