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The body and sex issue: Tell us your stories!

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We’re already hard at work planning our next edition, a spectacularly-themed “Body & Sex” issue. Basically, if you’re tired of reading (or rolling your eyes at) sex/body stories like: “What he thinks during sex,” “21 naughty sex tips,” “50 ways to seduce a man,” and “12 new body shapes” (all actual cover lines from a very popular women’s magazine that shall remain nameless), this is the issue for you. Body politics, reproductive rights, nudity, and dating with disabilities—we have it all and more.

Plus, in our pursuit to compile the alternative answer to mainstream media’s not-so-progressive body and sex coverage, we want to hear from you! We’ll be printing our favourite reader answers to the following three questions:

Tell us about your “first time.” At This, we love us some diversity. So please, please, please help us cover the full range of “aw” to “awkward” with stories that also show the full scope of sexuality, gender and ability.

So you already know 125-gazillion ways to pleasure “him.” But how do you pleasure yourself?

Oh, sex education. Share your best (worst?) sex ed stories with us. Was your class helpful, quaint, terrible? We want to hear it all, from ha-ha to horrible.

Email your answers to [email protected] or leave them in the comments sections. We don’t need your name—it’s completely anonymous if you want it to be!

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