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Listen to This #014: Mike Leitold of the G20 Summit Legal Support Project

Graham F. Scott

Mike Leitold

Mike Leitold

In this episode of Listen to This, This Magazine editor Graham F. Scott talks with Mike Leitold of the Summit Legal Support Project, part of the Movement Defence Committee of the Law Union of Ontario. Leitold talks about what activists need to know before taking to the streets to protest the G20 summit, as well as some of the other legal issues brought up by the presence of so many law enforcement officials on Canadian streets. Please note that none of this conversation should be construed as “legal advice”; everything we discuss here falls under the category of “legal information,” i.e., you should know it but don’t sue anyone because you listened to the stuff we say here. If you are a protester or other individual in need of the services the Summit Legal Defence Project provides—listen to the interview to determine if that is the case—then you can get in touch with the project at this number: 416-273-6761.

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