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Friday FTW: After six years online, gamer nerds pwn basic cable

Graham F. Scott

Pure Pwnage logo

After six years as an online-only webseries, Pure Pwnage — that’s “ownage”, or “supreme dominance of anyone in anything” in square-talk  — invades real television tonight when it premieres on cable channel Showcase.

A mockumentary-style series about an obsessive Toronto gamer and his entourage of equally oddball friends that began its run in 2004, Pure Pwnage bears more than a passing resemblance to Trailer Park Boys: the outrageous characterizations, the elaborate hijinks, the wall-to-wall profanity. It’s also unapologetically nerdy, and seldom stops to explain its elaborate “teh interwebs” vocabulary. And it’s a hit — millions of viewers have downloaded the episodes available for free from the website, and hundreds turn out for theatrical screenings in Toronto and elsewhere. Showcase — to me, showing a level of clue-having-ness unusual among Canadian broadcasters — has plucked the show from the web and given the creators a half-hour slot to do their thing. Whether the magic translates to a general TV audience, well, we’ll see. But there’s going to be a lot of swearing, monitor-humping, and headshots along the way.

Here’s season 1, episode 1 of Pure Pwnage for you n00bs in the crowd:

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