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But where do they live?

This Magazine Staff

I think it’s pretty important for a candidate to live in the riding they’re running in.
But often they don’t. Is this a big deal? Should it matter?
To me, living in the riding shows a commitment to the people of the area and that the person isn’t just some fly-by-the-night stand-in. By living in the riding, you get a feel for the struggles, the issues, the history…
My riding of Jeanne le Ber — incidentally one of the battleground ridings in Quebec — is currently held by the youthful Bloc MP Thierry St Cyr.
Here’s a quick run-down of the candidates as well as who lives in our traditionally working-class and ever gentrifying ‘hood — and who doesn’t.
Bloc Quebecois: Thierry St Cyr — Yes, lives in the riding
Liberal: Christian Feuillette — does not live in the riding “But will move here as soon as he wins” according to someone who works on his campaing.
Conservative: Daniel BeaudinYes, lives in the riding.
NDP: Daniel Breton — Does not live in the riding, but lives in another working class riding (they’re all the same, right?) UPDATE: and used to live and work in the riding for 14 years.
Green Party: Veronik SansoucyYes, has lived in the riding for four years.
Independent: Darryl Grey — Does not live in the riding but is the pastor of a church here and very active in the community.
So, where do your candidates live and do you care?

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