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Centre for Policy Alternatives has new book about Stephen Harper, good timing

This Magazine Staff

The Harper Record cover by the Canadian Centre for Policy AlternativesLefty think-tank the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has just published “The Harper Record,” a new book analyzing the record of the Conservative Government under Stephen Harper, just in time for the election. Even better for curious readers out there, the whole thing is available to download as a free PDF.
The CCPA swears up and down that the proximity of the publication date and the election are coincidental (books don’t materialize overnight, after all). But “The Harper Record” provides campaign ammunition for Conservative opponents, and it pulls together a lot of information into one easy hymnbook for everyone to sing from.
In all, it contains 38 chapters on every aspect of the Conservatives’ record, from their handling of manufacturing closures, conduct of the Afghan mission, biofuels, tarsands, nuclear energy, migrant workers, disability rights, child care, and so on.

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