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Green Party to forgive student debt

This Magazine Staff

Students! Unite! Elect Elizabeth May and she will keep the loan collectors at bay!
At least she says she will.
During a pitstop at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S. yesterday, the Green party leader announced that if elected she will forgive 50 percent of student debt upon completion of a degree or certificate program. The Greens also plan to initiate a Canadian National Student Loan and Bursary Program.
A Green vote could mean an end to ramen noodles unless May’s plan to ease students’ “debt sentence” is little more than an empty promise appealing to young voters’ beer funds.
I’ve got to give her credit for trying to tap into the student market though. Young adults don’t typically rush the polling booths on election day, and with the Blues and Reds focusing on economic issues (who’s going to cause a recession today, I wonder?) May might actually earn a seat or two by preaching to the tuition-broke.
What do the other parties have planned?

Conservative Party: Stephen Harper is still handing out $100 each month to preschoolers, but he doesn’t list education as a key issue for the 2008 election.
Liberal Party: If it’s not the Green Shift, I don’t think Stéphane Dion is interested.
New Democratic Party: Jack Layton is spending more time badmouthing his opponants than laying out a solid education plan. He promises to “bring education opportunities up and costs down.” That’s certainly a plan students can take to the bank.
Bloc Québécois: Gilles Duceppe is offering $3.5 billion for post-secondary education. (For what, though? Separatist studies?)

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