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Chamber of Commerce Speaks, Politicians Pack Swim Trunks

This Magazine Staff

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has 175,000 members from a wide range of sectors (agriculture, technology,energy,etc.) and sizes(small, medium and large cap). It is by far the biggest business association in Canada; when it speaks, Canadian politicians listen.
And so it was that every political party had it ears open to CCC president and CEO Perrin Beatty’s speech at the Economic Club of Toronto yesterday. In it he presented the policy directives his organization hopes will come from the government that forms after the election. They include continuing to lower taxes (both personal and business), updating our copyright laws, improving our infrastructure and continuing to foster good working relations with the U.S. Other topics he touched on were the need to lower inter-provincial trade barriers, as well as reforming EI and streamlining our immigration system. He even invited his politician friends to join the CCC in a special organization session on October 4th. Be sure to bring your swim trunks, Gilles et al.
As 3.5% inflation and the credit crisis south of the border have Canadians worrying more and more about their money, look for these goals to figure heavily in the coming weeks.

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