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Paul Watson: Hero or terrorist?

This Magazine Staff

Those of you who are up on the news will know that Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been in a little hot water lately, first for suggesting that thousands of seal deaths are more tragic than the deaths of four seal hunters who died in a recent marine accident, and this weekend because crew members from one of his ships were arrested for aggressive behaviour toward seal hunters off the coast of Newfoundland.

With glee, the commercial media has pilloried the animal-rights crusader, and federal politicians have tripped over themselves to condemn his tactics. There is, of course, another perspective, and it’s interesting to see Watson’s work lauded when the target is Japanese whaling vessels, yet ridiculed when Canadian seal hunters are in his sights.

In a This profile from the summer of 2007, Dayna Boyer talks to Watson and delves a little deeper into his motivations than has been the case lately. By no means does he come across as virtuous, but the article is free of overblown reactions to Watson’s tactics.


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