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Friday Links: Birdies, cross-country SmartCar ride, kids do the most awesome things

This Magazine Staff

Everyone loves birds, right? Well, what could be better than recycled birdhouses. These guys make birdhouses out of recycled materials
A couple make a trip from Halifax to Vancouver in a Smart car. Total diesel used, just 337 litres!
We’re not a big fan of bottled water for many reasons. Apparently eco-conscious New Yorkers have stopped buying the stuff in restaurants and as a result restaurateurs are losing money. To counteract that they’re gussying up tap water with things like charcoal filters and carbonation. We’re not sure about the environmental impact of all this, but are intrigued.
Reality TV is pretty vapid most of the time but Kid Nation seems fascinating. A group of children are plopped into a ghost town and asked to form their own government, make their own decisions and get along. Apparently they do!

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