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Hijib Hijabbery

This Magazine Staff

Should I be shocked by this? That a recent incident at Montreal’s Bordeaux correctional prison barred a recently hired prison guard from wearing her Hijab (a tradiitonal Muslim headscarf) on the job? There are a number interesting political angles here: Muslim religious attire, Quebec multicultural tolerance, employee safety interests. Is this really a Quebec specific issue? Probably not as there seems to be a similar policy across the board on a Federal level, including the RCMP. So the media sensationalizing the fact this occured in Quebec and the recent Hijab ban in France is both a coincidence and blatant red herring. So, where do we end up between personel safety and religious entitlement? Personally, I’m tire of the knee jerk reactions, blanket policies and outcries of anti-Islamism. If the issue is safety then deal with the issue of safety, and not squeal bloody persecution. We live in Canada for goodness sakes, possibly the most diverse and tolerant of countries in the world. I guess the big question is does diversity, tolerance and common sense also go hand-in-hand-in-hand.

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