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Black crows inspire Vancouver

This Magazine Staff


If you’ve spent much time in Vancouver, especially East Vancouver, you’ve probably been captivated by the migration of crows from downtown to parts east that occurs around dusk each day. From the window of my old, top-floor apartment on East 10th, it was a comforting ritual to watch.

Now, a group of musicians are ready to launch a project, the Black Crow Project, which draws inspiration from that migration as an image of togetherness and a symbol of pulling together for a common goal. In this case, that goal is raising money for the Portland Hotel Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and assistance for those struggling with substance misuse issues, mainly in the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood.

If you’re in the region and not buried in snow, the Black Crow Project is hosting a performance and silent auction tonight at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Local favourites set to play include the Parlour Steps, Mark Berube and Po’ Girl (pictured), all of whom are among the artists appearing on a compilation CD inspired by those plucky crows. In addition to the music, local visual artists will be auctioning work donated to the project.

All proceeds from the event, the CD and the auction will go to the Portland Hotel Society. Sounds like a great night — check it out!

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