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Vancouver Queer Film Fest Raises the Ire of the Right

This Magazine Staff

LifeSite, a close affiliate of Campaign Life Coalition, is targetting Out on Screen, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and demanding the federal government revoke its funding.
A recent article, headlined “Why is the Conservative Government Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on “Queer” Film Festival?” is posted on
Gwen Landolt, national vice president of REAL Women of Canada is quoted as saying “The films are simply degenerate and degrading to humanity. There is no artistry there, the films are used as a political statement against established social mores, a way of showing contempt…”.
Landolt goes on to call the Department of Canadian Heritage’s funding decision in question, “…it’s a disgrace. I think the government is trying to show how wide open they are to all diversity, but surely there is a limit to tolerance.”
What started out as a fairly minor posting on a right wing site is fast becoming an all out campaign, spreading over blogs and through emails. Wait a second, aren’t those our tactics?

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