WTF Wednesday: free trade celebrated as prosperity reigns!

On November 21st the Macdonald-Laurier Institute will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Free Trade with a “gala” dinner that promises to be a “remarkable evening”. It’s being billed as a can’t-miss event, presumably attended by autocratic millionaires who will be outfitting themselves with new monocles and pocket watch fobs for the evening. I imagine most… More »


Flashback Tuesday: “Clause and Effect”

This week’s flashback continues on the free trade theme as Mel Watkins lays the lie to NAFTA. Penned at a time when NAFTA still loomed ominously on the horizon, Watkins’ piece argues that so-called “free” trade really constitutes a new kind of protectionism that serves corporate interests while screwing workers and consumers. Looking back from… More »

This Magazine, August 2001, Andrew Potter, "Trading Futures"

Flashback Tuesday: “Trading Futures”

In honour of our January-February edition, This Magazine waded through hundreds of archived stories on Canada’s complex and often fraught relationship with our neighbours to the south. The result: Twelve favourites that span the period from Trudeau-Nixon to Chrétien-Bush. Together, these stories offer a fascinating cross-section of the events that have helped shaped contemporary American-Canadian… More »