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Wednesday WTF: 79 UN countries voted that it's OK to execute queers

simon wallace

On November 16 the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural) debated a resolution demanding an end to summary and arbitrary executions. Included in the text was a non-exhaustive list that highlighted many of the groups that are currently subject to inordinate levels of state persecution: ethnic groups, linguistic minorities, street […] More »

Wednesday WTF: Government transparency risks being "totally obliterated"

Graham F. Scott

From the Afghan Detainee torture scandal to the Helena Guergis Magical Mystery Police Adventure, governmental transparency is at a dangerously low ebb and risks being “totally obliterated,” says the interim access-to-information commissioner Suzanne Legault. Her report, released yesterday, gave low ratings to 13 out of 24 government institutions on their compliance with requests for information, […] More »

Wednesday WTF: Hotdogs have had their day: Experts want a redesign

luke champion

A group of American pediatricians think the hot dog needs a makeover. In a study released Monday, the team singled out the long tubular shape as the single highest choking hazard for small children and called out to the industry to redesign the Franken-meat. Now I get we need to me mindful of the food […] More »