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Black crows inspire Vancouver

This Magazine Staff

If you’ve spent much time in Vancouver, especially East Vancouver, you’ve probably been captivated by the migration of crows from downtown to parts east that occurs around dusk each day. From the window of my old, top-floor apartment on East 10th, it was a comforting ritual to watch. Now, a group of musicians are ready […] More »

Goodbye Woodward’s

This Magazine Staff

Residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside woke up yesterday to the sounds of Woodward’s collapse. The heritage building, which has stood empty for nearly a decade – taking up an entire city block in the poorest neighbourhood in Canada, has been disputed over for years. While developers repeatedly bought and sold the derelict building, never actualizing […] More »

Vancouver Queer Film Fest Raises the Ire of the Right

This Magazine Staff

LifeSite, a close affiliate of Campaign Life Coalition, is targetting Out on Screen, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and demanding the federal government revoke its funding. A recent article, headlined “Why is the Conservative Government Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on “Queer” Film Festival?” is posted on Gwen Landolt, national vice president of REAL Women of […] More »