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November-December 2009

Progressive Detective: Am I socially obligated to get the flu shot?

Melissa WilsonWebsite

Dear Progressive Detective: I’m afraid of needles. Is it okay if I skip my flu shot? Sorry, but in the Progressive Detective’s opinion, belonephobia, the fear of needles, is no excuse for skipping this oh-so-important vaccination. The obvious reason for getting it is to avoid illness. While it’s easy to scoff at the flu, it’s […] More »

Body Politic #1: Health care of the rich and famous

lyndsie bourgon

[Editor’s note: today we introduce “Body Politic,” a new blog column about medicine and public health, written by Lyndsie Bourgon. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter. Body Politic will appear every other Thursday.] As the Calgary Flames hit the ice this weekend they appeared to show no great superpower, which is what I […] More »