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Sina Queyras

July-August 2014

Histrionicus, histrionicus

Sina Queyras

1. What on earth did she want from him? From them? Approval? She was embarrassed by how little she knew, or would own, of her own motivations. She was also too hot in her heavy wool coat, and damp, wet really, hair like feathers stuck to her brow. Add frustrated to the list. After a […] More »
September-October 2011

How Book Madam & Associates spun book-loving into an unlikely profession

Christina Palassio@mcpalassio

The words “book” and “fan” don’t really fit. Music and fan, sure. Sports and fan, you bet. But when it comes to books, you’re a reader or a lover, rarely a fan. Maybe it’s because fandom has little place in an industry infamous for its cynicism and curmudgeonly attitude, its scything insults and ivory tower. […] More »