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Rahim Jaffer

Wednesday WTF: Jaffer & Gillani — It's not influence-peddling, it's synergy!

Graham F. Scott

The Globe and Mail‘s story on Nazim Gillani’s testimony to a parliamentary committee investigating the Guergis/Jaffer fiasco contains all sorts of fun tidbits. Rahim Jaffer, Noted Businessman Who Is Smart, says he wouldn’t touch Nazim Gillani with a bargepole: “We realized very quickly after a few meetings with him that our firms were very divergent, that […] More »

Podcast preview: Listen to our interview with Duff Conacher on Monday

nick taylor-vaisey

You know something is afoot in Ottawa when the lobbyists are worried. When those brave souls who venture to Parliament Hill in search of handshakes and backslaps—and make a small fortune in the process—get their hackles up, something is surely out of order. This week, order was shaken off its moorings by Rahim Jaffer. Since […] More »

Wednesday WTF: Reading between Rahim Jaffer's "lines" *wink wink*

Graham F. Scott

Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer was clocked doing 93 km/h in a 50 zone one evening last September. At the time, police charged him with impaired driving and cocaine possession. A few months go by, and—abracadabra!—the drunk-driving and the drug possession charges disappear, replaced by a guilty plea for “careless driving”: Crown attorney Marie Balogh […] More »