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Tuesday Tracks! Christmas Miracle edition: Los Campesinos, Moka Only, Parlovr

luke champion

[Tuesday Tracks will be taking a little holiday break and will return, grinch-free, in January –Ed.] So last week I hinted at the impending holiday season, but as each day passes it becomes more and more difficult to avoid the Christmas standards. I suppose it’s a little grinchy of me to even try to avoid […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Parlovr, PS I Love You, Chilly Gonzales

luke champion

After a brief sabbatical, Tuesday Tracks returns this week with three songs coming straight off of three great albums. And I mean it—I could have pulled any or the tracks from any of these albums and they wouldn’t disappoint. An impressive feat, especially today when the industry has moved to focus on singles. Not that […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Canadian Music Week edition: Everything All The Time, Dan Mangan, Parlovr

luke champion

One of the great redeeming aspects of big, multi-day, city-wide music festivals like Canadian Music Week/Fest is the opportunity for discovery. It’s very rare these days that one gets the opportunity to hear something truly great, for the first time, in a live setting. Generally, if I’m going to a show where I’m unfamiliar with […] More »