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January-February 2014

Everybody, let’s get naked!

Rhiannon Russell@rhrussell

For decades, advocates have touted nudism’s ability to combat sexism, objectification, and bad body image. Can it now be an antidote to our over-twerked culture? Rhiannon Russell goes bare to find out It’s no secret what lies behind the shroud of trees at the end of the long driveway in a rural area of East […] More »

A brief history of Canadian nudity laws

Lauren McKeon

In Canada, public nudity is allowed so long as you don’t “offend against public decency or order.” In fact, nudity is considered a political crime, one of the few offences that requires the Attorney General’s approval to lay charges. So, letting it all hang out among thousands of like-minded souls at the Pride Parade? You’re […] More »